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Friday, August 12, 2011

The power of the Moon time/Traveling Ceremony for Texas

Hello Friends,
As we move into the begining of this Traveling Ceremony, it is important to remember that we do not direct how it is to go, it is up to the spirit of the Pipe to do that. It is our job to be sensitive to the shifts of the current of spirit and make sure we follow the instructions given. If we do, the results of the ceremony no longer are our responsability, (they never were) but that of the director of the spirit of the Pipe, the Great Mystery. Its good to know that the results of this endevore are in capable "hands". ; )

So Yesterday I received a direction for this ceremony. It was from the spirit of the Grandmothers, the ones we Tsalagi call our "Beloved Women", the wisdom of our Grandmothers, the holy/spiritual wise ones.
First I need to explain a bit about what we call the Moon time of a woman, her time of menses. We recognize that this time is when a woman is at her highest power or "medicine", at this time, with the right attitude and ceremony, women can create anything, for it is the time of their regeneration of the gift to create life. Something us men will never be able to do, and probably for good reason! So, this time is the most honored time of any humans power, the peak of creativity which is the reflection of the Divine.

The main thing to understand is that there is a key to this power in ceremony, it is called "compassion." Just as humility is the key to unleashing the power of ceremony, (did you listen to recording #4 from my web site?) the key to releasing the ultimate power of a moon time ceremony is compassion, if attempted without it, things can go badly for those doing the ceremony.

I was told last night that in order for this traveling ceremony to have full effect it needed the balance of a moon time ceremony. I was shown that the power of the full moon tomorrow night was to play an important roll in the outcome of it. (I am thinking tides, gravity, cycles, etc.)
So This Morning I enlisted the help of 5 women who happen to have "Moon Pipes", Pipes that were created specifically for use by women on their moon. For this ceremony to work, it requires one woman who is past her moon time (Mature) and four that are still in their creative cycle of life.

It just so happens that the Grandmother Moon Pipe that many of you know about is in the hands of a woman who is not only spiritual mature, wise and sensitive, but also moves in all her life with compassion to others. (Yes, Donna, I am talking about you!) She lives in Arizona and will be directing the energy of the other 4 Pipes/ladies. The other 4 are Cat, in Arizona as well and interestingly enough, Angelica and Hermie over in Austria. I am not sure why but there seems to be a pattern her...hmmm? Oh, and I forgot to add that a 5th moon Pipe will join is from Montana. This one is a wild card, sort of the ace in the hole, so to speak. I was told that the medicine from this Pipe/woman was going to bring a surprise. (Not a surprise eh Lora? The 5th Pipe...the 5th wind?? Can you say Hohokum?)

Anyway, I have asked them to join in spirit and ceremony Saturday night and join with the power of the intelegent living being up in the sky, Grandmother Moon, and with compassion create effects on this planet that will bring relief to the drought and heat wave in Texas and hopefully other places experiencing the same.

So, as we work with the 5th wind this evening on the Gulf of Mexico, a very masculine energy/being, tomorrow night we will work with the feminine energy of the Moon. On Sunday we will be joined by some other Pipe holders at the sink hole for the final step of the ceremony, the joining of the sea water, the sky water and the earth water. I wonder what energy/spirit we will find assisting us on Sunday?
Lets all join together in humility, compassion and harmony with the great circle of life, lets find our unique place in that circle and fulfill our function in it.
Until later, Jim

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