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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

In the message I received at the spring equinox ceremony about the Atlantic coast, their were 3 main components. (You can read it on my predictions page of my web site.) The first was that an event would jar something hidden just off the coast or in the land next to the coast that was very toxic. The next part would be that powerful weather would make the material air born and the third part was the storm would go much further north than usual.
I just found out last night that there is nuclear war head lost in the water off the Atlantic coast buried in deep silt. It has been there for years and could be quite corroded. My hope is that we all can pray for the coast and all life that lives there and that the storm exposes the toxins but does not release it.
Lets all send our love and good thoughts to the coast this weekend, we can make a difference.
Blue sky,

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