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Friday, July 2, 2010

Co-creating during natural disasters

I recently returned from a trip to northern Arizona where a huge forest fire had burned over 155000 acres of Mount Humphrey near Flagstaff.

I was staying in Cottonwood doing several classes and a couple of ceremonies. I was born in Flagstaff and love the amazing forests on the mountain there. Needless to say I was very upset about the fire, which had started from an abandon campfire.

I heard the the Hopi were in mourning as well since the Mountain is where they came from and is very sacred to them. I want to mention the there are a group of spirits that live on the mountain for part of the year called Katchinas. The are the protectors and helpers of the Hopi people. They are also in charge of bringing rain to the area.

It was half way through my visit when I felt called to go up on the mountain and see if there was anything I could do. Please understand that I alone cannot do much to help but I do know that I can work with others (co-create) to bring things of good effect. We all have a place in the circle of life, next to the spirits, the animals, the clouds as well.

The reason I am telling you about this is to set an example of how we humans can be of good effect here and in the next few years as we are confronted by what looks like an onslaught of disasters, both natural and man-made.

So, when you are faced with a powerful storm in your back yard, know that you as a human spirit are equipped with unique abilities, and responsibilities, to work hand in hand with the Creator and all the agents of the Devine.

Back to the example. Here I was faced with a Fire so big I could do nothing in the physical realm to be of any effect. But I could listen to my intuition and follow instruction from Spirit. As I said, I felt called to go up on the mountain and see what I could do.

The road was open but there were restrictions so you could not park or go into the forest at all. I had to park in the ski resort parking lot at the top.

Not a very "spiritual" setting, me sitting there in the parking lot, as I invited the spirits to join me. I specifically ask the Katchinas that were still on the mountain to join in the "counsel meeting". As I felt them arrive I "listened" to the response to my question, "Is there anything I can do?"

One of the Katchinas told me that if I made them a Paho (a prayer stick with a feather on it) they would do something about the fire within 24 hours.

I did as instructed and made the Paho and placed it in the ground. I was then instructed to pour water on it from a bottle of water I carry for ceremony. In it is sacred water from all over the world.

I was then given a prayer from the spirits and told to ask for three things. I asked for a drop in temperature, for rain and for the winds to become favorable to fighting the fire. I found out later that there was less than 10% chance of any clouds let alone rain, and the winds were very high at the time.

When I was finished I left the mountain and all the destruction behind, to head back to Cottonwood. I had a class to teach that night and made it just in time.
As I came out of the class that night I noticed that the Full moon was not very bright. I looked up and saw a huge cloud bank coming from the area where the Hop[i live, heading strait towards the mountain.

Now remember the Hopi were in mourning about the fire. I have no doubt they were doing there part of the circle, they were praying and doing ceremony as well. We all have a part to do when co-creating.

The next morning I heard that it was raining in Flagstaff. A little later I received a notice of a statement from the Forest Service that the fire was over 50% contained and it was due to a sudden drop in temperature, favorable winds and of course, the rain that fell on the mountain, but hardly any place else.

So, we as a race of beings are about to be faced with many challenging situations on our mother earth. How you personally will experience these challenges will be up to you finding your place in the circle, finding out what you can do and then doing it.

We all need each other in this and no one can take your place, you are a unique individual aspect/reflection of a part of the Great Mystery. Start practicing with your intuition and the other gifts you have been, or will be given. All of creation is depending on it.
Blue sky,