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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

In the message I received at the spring equinox ceremony about the Atlantic coast, their were 3 main components. (You can read it on my predictions page of my web site.) The first was that an event would jar something hidden just off the coast or in the land next to the coast that was very toxic. The next part would be that powerful weather would make the material air born and the third part was the storm would go much further north than usual.
I just found out last night that there is nuclear war head lost in the water off the Atlantic coast buried in deep silt. It has been there for years and could be quite corroded. My hope is that we all can pray for the coast and all life that lives there and that the storm exposes the toxins but does not release it.
Lets all send our love and good thoughts to the coast this weekend, we can make a difference.
Blue sky,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Results for the Traveling ceremony for Texas

All I can add to what Karen has to say here is that the forecast for that area of Texas yesterday was 0%...that's right 0% chance of any rain. Make sure you watch the day 3 video all the way to the end!
Blue sky, Jim

Karen Curry wrote:

I have returned from our whirlwind weekend of Sacred Ceremony with Jim Tree. If you have been following us, you know that we have been conducting a traveling Sacred Pipe Ceremony with the intention to energetically align with global climate changes and ask for rain for the drought-stricken areas of the world.

The ceremony was quite powerful. After completion of the ceremony we had a three-hour drive home from Austin to Houston. We drove in a magnificent downpour for almost three hours. This was the first time it had rained on us in over three months.

And, to top it off, in the middle of the drive we experienced a brief respite from the rain only to witness a beautiful double rainbow...a sign of hope for sure!

It was a very powerful couple of days. Jim and I will be updating you on some of the messages that came through during this time, as well as share insights from some of the beautiful people who joined us along the way.

Thanks to my filmmaker son, Keegan Curry, we will be sharing video footage and eventually a short documentary of this weekend. Our intention is to keep inviting you into joining together in consciousness to work with Earth Changes and ultimately make choices to help create positive change for us and all of our Divine Siblings.

There were two very strong messages that came through this weekend. The first message was a dire reminder to honor and respect nature and our natural resources:

Day Three Video

Video from Day Two of the Ceremony

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dead Gators, Drunk Sailors

Well we just got back from visiting the dolphins and also doing the second part of the traveling ceremony. I have to say that I was not happy with the message from the dolphins or the follow up message from the shrinking estuary we visited.

The overwhelming message was that everything is out of balance here. It is a beautiful place but the drought is reveling the years of abuse and disrespect for this delicate area and ecosystem. The dolphins were in a sort of state of mourning or at lease unhappy with the way people were acting around the edge of the water.

Fisherman were cleaning their catch of the day, many had been drinking and showed disrespect for the life they had taken. There was a atmosphere of competition between some of them as is the fish they had harvested were not as worthy as the ones the guy next too them had.

After the visit to the dolphin, we went to a park or estuary, an area set aside to protect the delicate area where the fresh water marsh met with the salt water ocean. Due to the drought the area that normally was covered with water was dusty and dry. Everywhere there were carcases that had been dumped. A buck deer with only the antlers cut off, different small mammals, or what was left of them. Lots of big fish and even an alligator carcass was seen.

As the sun set in a grand display of colors, I touched the Pipe to the fresh water and let some of the sacred water collected from over 250 sacred sites around the world drip off of the Pipe into the water.

So, the massage is a challenging one. The 5th wind and all of nature was saying if we intervene will you change your ways? Or will we just go on destroying the very place that gives us life?

I could see the earths wisdom in the drought, it was forcing us humans to face the consequences of our actions. We cannot hide the way we have been acting anymore, she won't let us. I did however feel that if enough of us shift into walking in harmony with the cycles of nature that the spirit realm would assist us in this dilemma.

We will see tomorrow what happens when we finish this traveling ceremony at the sink hole, where we will connect the sea water, the fresh water of the earth and the ground water, all with the sky water.....we hope.
See you all tomorrow, Jim

Second day of the traveling ceremony for Texas

Well, I always say that when it comes to ceremony our plans are cast in solid silly putty! It seems good to stay here for the night in Port O'Conner, TX. We had planned to drive to Austin after the second part of the ceremony today but instead we will get up very early tomorrow and make the drive then.

There seems to be a connection with the dolphins here that I have yet to make. Whatever it is it is just as important as the connection with the full moon tonight. I have never been around dolphins but have heard so many amazing things about them I can't help but wonder how they fit into this ceremony.

We are working on getting some photos or maybe a short video from yesterday's activities. Keep checking this blog today, I will see what we can get posted.

So, to all of you who have been following this ceremony wondering what part you have to play in it, if you have a strong connection to the moon, join in tonight, if you have a strong connection to dolphins, join in today, but hopefully all of you will join us tomorrow at 10:30 central for the final stage of the ceremony.

Weather predictions still say nothing but sever heat and drought in the foreseeable future, but the key here may be how we are "seeing."
Blue sky, (after some rain) Jim

Friday, August 12, 2011

The power of the Moon time/Traveling Ceremony for Texas

Hello Friends,
As we move into the begining of this Traveling Ceremony, it is important to remember that we do not direct how it is to go, it is up to the spirit of the Pipe to do that. It is our job to be sensitive to the shifts of the current of spirit and make sure we follow the instructions given. If we do, the results of the ceremony no longer are our responsability, (they never were) but that of the director of the spirit of the Pipe, the Great Mystery. Its good to know that the results of this endevore are in capable "hands". ; )

So Yesterday I received a direction for this ceremony. It was from the spirit of the Grandmothers, the ones we Tsalagi call our "Beloved Women", the wisdom of our Grandmothers, the holy/spiritual wise ones.
First I need to explain a bit about what we call the Moon time of a woman, her time of menses. We recognize that this time is when a woman is at her highest power or "medicine", at this time, with the right attitude and ceremony, women can create anything, for it is the time of their regeneration of the gift to create life. Something us men will never be able to do, and probably for good reason! So, this time is the most honored time of any humans power, the peak of creativity which is the reflection of the Divine.

The main thing to understand is that there is a key to this power in ceremony, it is called "compassion." Just as humility is the key to unleashing the power of ceremony, (did you listen to recording #4 from my web site?) the key to releasing the ultimate power of a moon time ceremony is compassion, if attempted without it, things can go badly for those doing the ceremony.

I was told last night that in order for this traveling ceremony to have full effect it needed the balance of a moon time ceremony. I was shown that the power of the full moon tomorrow night was to play an important roll in the outcome of it. (I am thinking tides, gravity, cycles, etc.)
So This Morning I enlisted the help of 5 women who happen to have "Moon Pipes", Pipes that were created specifically for use by women on their moon. For this ceremony to work, it requires one woman who is past her moon time (Mature) and four that are still in their creative cycle of life.

It just so happens that the Grandmother Moon Pipe that many of you know about is in the hands of a woman who is not only spiritual mature, wise and sensitive, but also moves in all her life with compassion to others. (Yes, Donna, I am talking about you!) She lives in Arizona and will be directing the energy of the other 4 Pipes/ladies. The other 4 are Cat, in Arizona as well and interestingly enough, Angelica and Hermie over in Austria. I am not sure why but there seems to be a pattern her...hmmm? Oh, and I forgot to add that a 5th moon Pipe will join is from Montana. This one is a wild card, sort of the ace in the hole, so to speak. I was told that the medicine from this Pipe/woman was going to bring a surprise. (Not a surprise eh Lora? The 5th Pipe...the 5th wind?? Can you say Hohokum?)

Anyway, I have asked them to join in spirit and ceremony Saturday night and join with the power of the intelegent living being up in the sky, Grandmother Moon, and with compassion create effects on this planet that will bring relief to the drought and heat wave in Texas and hopefully other places experiencing the same.

So, as we work with the 5th wind this evening on the Gulf of Mexico, a very masculine energy/being, tomorrow night we will work with the feminine energy of the Moon. On Sunday we will be joined by some other Pipe holders at the sink hole for the final step of the ceremony, the joining of the sea water, the sky water and the earth water. I wonder what energy/spirit we will find assisting us on Sunday?
Lets all join together in humility, compassion and harmony with the great circle of life, lets find our unique place in that circle and fulfill our function in it.
Until later, Jim

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Karens post

Good Day everyone,
Below is a post from Karen in preparation for the Traveling Ceremony that starts tomorrow. I am excited that we will be joined by Jeff, a member of the Keepers and a Tsalagi friend, Will Omara, at the sink hole for the final part of the ceremony on Sunday morning. I have continued to get stories from folks that are confirmations of the call to do this ceremony, some are in the form of dreams others are in the form of natural events, all pointing to a powerful time of interaction with the Creator and the 5th wind.
So, give a read to the insights Karen has and apply them to this journey, and to life in general.
Blue sky, Jim

I don't know how to make this link work so you may have to cut and past it to your browser.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weather: The new Normal

As we get ready to start on our journey across parts of Texas in response to a call for ceremony, to hopefully get assistance for the extended heat wave and drought that is currently scorching much of the central United States, I wanted to share some of the information with you all that will help you in your participation in this event.

First, why are we doing it? It is not just because there is a desperate need for relief here, that would apply to much of the US right now for many reasons. Drought, flooding, extended heat waves, (today we are at day 38 of continuous plus 100 deg. F in this area of Texas) destruction from winds, storm, tornadoes…and soon hurricanes. So, once again, why here and why now?

The answer is simple, but also the key to understanding the nature of all effective ceremony. This intervention was not instigated by me or any other human, but by Spirit through the messenger of the Sacred Pipe. As with all ceremonies that I conduct with this ancient Sacred Pipe, I wait until I receive directions and information before I attempt to set out on such a course. I began to feel the tug of the messenger about a month ago, a tug that I have become familiar with. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do during August was to take a trip to Huston Texas…I live in the mountains of N.W. Montana where today the temperatures are in the high 70’s…not the 108 plus we are experiencing here today. But, when the boss says go I go.

So I began to pray and ask for guidance as to the timing of the trip and through circumstance, coupled with inspiration, bought the ticket to fly down. There have been several confirmations to encourage me that we are at the right place at the right time to do this ceremony. (I want to invite you if you have not already heard it, to listen to my teaching about how to release the full power of ceremony. You can find a free recording to download or listen to at this web site, just scroll down to recording # 4 and enjoy)

So now that you know what is required to have a powerful and effective ceremony, let me give you some more understanding of the history and workings of a “Traveling Pipe Ceremony.” Remember, Nicholas Black Elk of the Lakota said decades ago, “The power of a ceremony is in the understanding of it.”

There are many different kinds of Sacred Pipe ceremonies; most where you smoke the Pipe right after you fill it. But there are some where you fill it and then put a plug in the bowl to protect the prayers that have been put into it because you will not be finishing the ceremony by smoking it until sometime later. Examples of this kind of ceremony would be during a Sundance, some sweat lodges and what we call a traveling ceremony. (In the old days it was called a walking ceremony because after filling the Pipe it would be carried to the final destination by someone who took special care to not let the Pipe come apart or that any of the mix in the bowl might spill out. The Pipe was not carried on horseback because of the increased chance of a mishap.)

In this particular traveling ceremony, we will fill the Black Thunder Pipe, a Pipe that is directly connected the the Thunder Beings who control the weather for the Great Mystery, at the Gulf of Mexico near Galveston, TX., where the bowl will be plugged with sage after it has been touched to the ocean. This is to connect the ocean water with the Pipe which will, as we travel on, connect to the sky water and then to the earth water. (The ceremony ends after we smoke the Pipe near Austin on Sunday morning and touch the tip of the bowl to water that comes up from the aquifer there in a special sink hole that has been a sacred site for centuries.)

It is important that we know who we are teamed up with in the spirit realm when we are doing ceremonies like this. In this case the spirit that has been assigned by the Great Mystery to assist us is one known as the 5th wind, or the whirlwind. The Thunder Beings are in several different forms, all being what are often called contrary spirits. There is a name for them in every tribe, The Lakota call them Heyoka, the southwest tribes call them Hohocum, the Tsalagi (Cherokee) call them the "Ayvdaqualosgv". No matter what the name, they all work with the weather in various capacities. The whirlwind is the younger brother to the 4 winds of the 4 cardinal directions. Those winds are stable and only come with specific jobs from their assigned direction. i.e North wind brings the winter wind, etc.

The 5th wind however has no assigned direction or defined action. He comes in the form of the dust devil, the tornado, the cyclone and the hurricane. He comes from where ever he wants and travels in whatever direction he wants. I believe this is why he has been assigned to help us. We need unusual intervention with the weather. We need gentle continuous rains and winds to cleans and refresh the scorched land. We do not need, from our human perspective, a hurricane but it is not up to us what to even pray for. This is directed by Spirit as well. So, we do not come to the ceremony with preconceived ideas of the outcome, but to take our part along side of the spirits that will attend, the 5th wind in particular, and add our part of being in harmony with the great circle of life.

As a form of confirmation and encouragement from the Great mystery, there is a group of people up in Montana that held a drumming group last Sunday. At my request they drummed the prayers for the ground water in Texas and asked for assistance from the 5th wind. They were in a teepee up in the mountains and there was no wind outside. As they drummed the prayers into our mother earth there was a dust devil suddenly just outside the door of the Teepee, a very good sign.

So as you prepare to join in on the privilege of being part of the traveling ceremony I want to remind you to have a humble attitude and be sensitive to nature for direction in your individual part of this ceremony. Follow your intuition and the confirmations shown through nature all around you. It takes all of us doing and saying the right thing at the right time to have a good effect on this situation. Please be encouraged to write in your comments and massages received to this blog site so we all can share in your contribution.

In closing I will share a bit of the recent history of the Thunder Pipe and some traveling ceremonies that we have done.

7 year drought in Colorado, Montana and Arizona. In the spring of 2003 I was directed to do a traveling ceremony for Montana because of the drought there. I loaded the Pipe up on the Flathead reservation at the canyon where the Thunder Bird has her nest, plugged the bowl and traveled 200 miles south to a spot on the Bitterroot River just south of the Great Medicine Tree of the Salish. I finished the ceremony there by smoking the Pipe while standing in the river then touching the bowl into the river and pointing the stem to the sky to re-connect the earth water to the sky water. I was told that it would start to rain in 48 hours and would continue until fall. It did.

In the summer of 2005 the Midwest was in a drought. I was told to go to the annual Gathering of the Pipe keepers in Pipestone Minnesota in late July and teach anyone I met who were called by the Thunders the ceremony I was given to seek for rain. Usually at a gathering like this there might be 1 or 2 people who have been called by the Thunders, through dreams or being struck by lightning or who have died and come back. There were 11 there! We gathered by the 3 maidens at the sacred quarries and I passed on the template of the ceremony as it was given to me.

We all filled our thunder pipes and then plugged them to travel back to our home in every direction, one all the way to Hawaii. The clouds formed as we left and it rained for some days in Minnesota, but the clouds also followed every one home except for a woman who lived where they were having flooding. In her area the rains stopped and the floods went away, in every other case the rains came to the drought areas and refreshed the land.

Of course there was the big drought in Australia several years ago, the worst in over 100 years. I suggest you watch the u tube video about that one to save my poor fingers from typing anymore.

The point is that this ceremony today is another that the great Mystery has called for and we are being asked to take part. Let’s do our part and contribute the unique gifts that we have been given to bring balance out of ciaos, if it is not too late.

In closing I feel I must say that even though we are asking for rain and cooler temps, also for moderation in the upcoming hurricane season, it must be realized that the weather over the last 2 years in now the new NORMAL! We will have to adapt but this is also a way for us to learn how we as a race can help shape the new normal.