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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The bear is out of hybernation

Lately there have been so many that are finding that circumstance is dictating moving to a new location. Or, many folks are just feeling restless, wanting to move to a new location. How many people have you run into recently that are relocating, and not always for "logical" reasons.
Well, the migration has begun! We are being rearranged and re-established at a rapid rate. This is because the great foretold "shift of humanity is accelerating not only around us, but in us as well.
What the heck am I talking about? Go west young man, go west...or east or wherever the Great Mystery is promoting you to go.
It is time, we have been hibernating, preparing, for this moment in time. During our hibernation we have been shedding old patterns, beliefs and gaining new understandings. But it is spring now and time to get out of the cave that has served us so well, yet now is confining, even threatening to keep us from our new life.
What have you been dreaming and creating for your future, for the future of us all?
So, like our relative Yona, the great bear, we now are moving about, finding our new home/territory.
One word of caution, don't analyze to much , follow guidance from Spirit that are backed up by conformations. Then don't be surprised if right in the middle of your new relocation, be it on the earth or in some other way, you find a new set of marching orders.
Even things predestined are shifting rapidly now, every decision you make, and the decisions of those effected by it, cause shifts and adjustments in the over all plan.
The oil spill did not have to happen, but since it did, many "plans" have been altered to fit the new set of circumstance's.
What if the bear comes out of its den to find that a fire has destroyed the forest it has lived in over the winter. Change of plans, move on.
So fellow bears, adapt, adjust, evolve and find that challenges are actually Divine guidance to a better, more fulfilling place/life.

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Blue sky,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The oil crisis and the atomic bomb.

After the first two atomic bombs were dropped the world became very aware that human kind had entered a new era. Treaties and decisions about what to do with this new technology came into focus. The world new that this event must never happen again, ever!
Same thing with this oil catastrophe. It is the wake up call to the world that we must never allow this to happen again, ever! Even if it means stopping all off shore drilling.
Our earth is never going to be the same after this event. We have to change policy and economies to see that this never happens again, no matter what it takes.
During ceremony yesterday I saw the unbelievable chain of events unraveling before us from the oil. The earth is being forever changed, even if we can stop the flow tomorrow. We are now going to have to adapt.
Blue sky,
Jim Tree