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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here comes the next wave!

This photo was taken before a Sacred Pipe ceremony in Cottonwood, AZ. Notice the face of the Grandmother and the multiple sundogs radiating out from the main one.

As you may remember, we are now more than half way through a series of world wide events predicted a few years ago at the Stoneman lake 7 directions ceremony. The oil spill is one of three major events here in the US that are intended to get our attention that we need to change how we live in this world.

It appears as if we are due for the third event and it does not look like a good one for our people or economy. Hopefully we can learn and adjust before the pending "message" needs to be experienced.

Here is what I have been given, it is my small piece to the puzzle.

There is a very real threat of violence or war in the air. Fortunately, we are not at the mercy of the world leaders in this, we have a higher authority to work with. Yes, we are being invited to co-create peace and harmony, the promised era we are entering into now.

As I asked the Great Mystery what we could do to prevent war or terror, I was shown a Grandmother. At first I though she represented the earth, but then I saw her in her power. Amazing, not the little old lady one might picture, but a wise and mature woman who has mastered the most powerful medicine we humans can use.

It is now the time of the Grandmothers and we can join in their efforts to bring sanity to the decision makers of our race.

This is how it used to be when most of the world was matriarical. It is not time to return to that way, but to enter into the new balance of both male and female. It will not be done though unless we work with the Grandmother spirits as they intervene on behalf of the future generations.

So what can you do? I recommend you cultivate a relationship with the spirits of the Grandmothers just as you would with the Creator. Sit with your Grandmother earth and listen, she will tell you something you can do to help. It may be a ceremony, a special prayer or simply showing honor to the great living conscious being we call the earth.

It may seem far fetched to listen to the earth, but it is not so far fetched to listen to the Creator of us all? Have you ever heard the voice of the Creator from a child, a bird, an animal, etc. Then why would it be any different to hear from the earth?

For those of you who are trained in the moon time ceremonies now is the time to do them. Create sustainable world peace, join in with the efforts of all the hosts of heaven who are working on this same project.

Hopefully we can avoid anymore disaters here at home and around the world as well. Remember, there is no need for a lesson if you have learned it already. Live in harmony with all of creation, know your water and know you earth. Especially know your relationships!
Blue sky,
Jim Tree

Friday, May 21, 2010

Results of the ceremony for the oil spill

I just returned from a trip to Northern Arizona. While I was there I led a Sacred Pipe ceremony for the Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There were about 55 folks gathered along the Cottowood river for the ceremony. The Pipe that was used was the United Nations Turtle Pipe created and presented to the UN in 1978 by my Elder, Adam Fortunate Eagle.

The power of this Pipe is the power of "truth". Whenever it is used it will bring to light things hidden concerning the issue prayed for. After the ceremony, which was just one of hundreds being held around the world, BP was able to start recovering 40% of the oil and several items of mis-information came to light. It appears as if this disaster may have world wide affects for decades to come. Some are even saying it could change the world as we know it now forever. This reminds me of one of the prophecies given to the Hopi hundreds of years ago. It says that one of the last prophecies to be fulfilled during the time of transformation of our planet and society would be the sea turning black.

As many of you will remember, I was given a vision of a pre-sliced loaf of bread falling to the earth. When it hit the ground the slices began to fall over one at a time. There were about 30 slices, give or take, and just two months ago we were in the middle of the "loaf". I was shown at that time that the USA was about to have a few events that would get our attention because of the effect it would have on our economy rather than on massive death, so to speak.

Well, there was the flooding in both the Northeast and then down in Nashville, followed by the oil spill. I feel there is at least one more event coming here in American, but they are to wake us up, not discourage us.

If you view the u-tube video titled "Sustainable Dreaming" you will see what message we received down in Australia during the drought and then the rains that followed the ceremonies there. The message is the same.

Know your relationships, know your water, know your land and walk humbly and in harmony with all of creation.
This is the only way to be brought through these events in a good way.

Build your own support circle as described in the Teaching CD, "Lessons of the Sacred Circle". If you do you can come through these changes in an abundant and fulfilling way.

If we put off the advice so lovingly given to us by the Great Mystery what excuse will we have when things go badly for us? All that we need to live a fulfilled and abundant life is constantly being supplied to us....always.
Blue sky,