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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dead Gators, Drunk Sailors

Well we just got back from visiting the dolphins and also doing the second part of the traveling ceremony. I have to say that I was not happy with the message from the dolphins or the follow up message from the shrinking estuary we visited.

The overwhelming message was that everything is out of balance here. It is a beautiful place but the drought is reveling the years of abuse and disrespect for this delicate area and ecosystem. The dolphins were in a sort of state of mourning or at lease unhappy with the way people were acting around the edge of the water.

Fisherman were cleaning their catch of the day, many had been drinking and showed disrespect for the life they had taken. There was a atmosphere of competition between some of them as is the fish they had harvested were not as worthy as the ones the guy next too them had.

After the visit to the dolphin, we went to a park or estuary, an area set aside to protect the delicate area where the fresh water marsh met with the salt water ocean. Due to the drought the area that normally was covered with water was dusty and dry. Everywhere there were carcases that had been dumped. A buck deer with only the antlers cut off, different small mammals, or what was left of them. Lots of big fish and even an alligator carcass was seen.

As the sun set in a grand display of colors, I touched the Pipe to the fresh water and let some of the sacred water collected from over 250 sacred sites around the world drip off of the Pipe into the water.

So, the massage is a challenging one. The 5th wind and all of nature was saying if we intervene will you change your ways? Or will we just go on destroying the very place that gives us life?

I could see the earths wisdom in the drought, it was forcing us humans to face the consequences of our actions. We cannot hide the way we have been acting anymore, she won't let us. I did however feel that if enough of us shift into walking in harmony with the cycles of nature that the spirit realm would assist us in this dilemma.

We will see tomorrow what happens when we finish this traveling ceremony at the sink hole, where we will connect the sea water, the fresh water of the earth and the ground water, all with the sky water.....we hope.
See you all tomorrow, Jim

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  1. I just received this from Kristina in Canada after I had made the previous post. A big confirmation, Thanks Kristina, Jim

    , I heard that there is great Karma in this part of the land that must be transmuted. The Karma connects to the countless negative energies related to our relationship to oil and water. There remain many secrets related to the Gulf Oil Experience that are being intentionally hidden and continue to generate Karma.